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Nicky, 42, Graphic Designer 

After 16 years working as a designer for one of the UK’s leading children publishers the company was suddenly folded. I was luckily introduced to Helen to help me find another job.


Helen is a fantastic listener and 

initially we talked about my experience and my feelings of being made redundant. 

Helen was very understanding of my circumstances and helped me work through the million thoughts and concerns I had about finding a new job. 


Should I work freelance? look for new employment immediately? Should I change career?   


Using Helen’s techniques I could clearly process my thoughts and ambitions. 

With regular catch up chats and emails Helen helped me have the confidence, drive and strategy to quickly find a new role.

Roger, 60+ , College Lecturer

I was so pleased to get into contact with Helen as I had vague notion that I need to focus on what I wanted to do next as I am coming up to retirement.

I found the skills tests & exercises Helen sent me straight forward and in a positive way challenging.


I especially appreciated the her very positive and supportive attitude she brings.


I feel like I am on a great adventure.

Tracy, 48, Frustrated artist! 

Career coaching with Helen has has been the answer to someone like me  who is stressing over "What to do next?" and in the end you feel so frustrated and weighed down by it all that you get nowhere.


But I am so so happy that I went with your program  because it was simple, it took all the fuss away and started (literally) on a clean sheet!


I highly recommend Helen to   anyone in a similar situation ; her brilliant work will be able to steer them into new and clearer waters.