My Journey from Corporate to Coach  

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I'm Helen Garland, a Fireworks and CareerShifters accredited career coach; and I specialise in helping people who are mid-career to make meaningful career change and find work that they love! 

I made my career change over 15 years ago when I left a highly paid job with a global corporate that was quietly killing me; it was making me anxious, stressed and it was job that I fell into in my 20's and by late 30's it simply wasn't where I wanted to be anymore.


I was scared to move as the job gave me a sparkly set of golden handcuffs and I loved the status of my role (and the company car!)

.. but it didn't meet my urge to "give something back", I didn't like the panic attacks it gave me, or the corporate culture that had been fun in my 20's but now felt wrong for me. 


I felt truly "stuck" and unable to move forward, a chance

introduction to a career coach, and a series of coaching sessions 

opened my eyes to how my life might feel outside of

that particular role and company and most importantly

how to make that change possible. 

Those initial coaching sessions  led me to being a business owner,

and entrepreneur. And ultimately to  career coaching. 

I use a proven career change program to help you manage your career move. Let's start your journey by booking a 30 minute call to discuss how we can work together and make your career change dreams a reality.