Feeling stuck in your career?

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Often when we have an issue in life we will turn to our close friends, partners and colleagues for advice. What you will receive is well meaning support, that naturally has some form of bias. Those closest to you may find it hard to be straight talking with you or they may feel they can't "challenge" you're thinking without appearing unsupportive. 

A coach is an external source of knowledge and expertise that will help you clarify, without bias, what you want to achieve, come up with solutions and strategies to reach your goals, and build in a structure to get there. They will listen to you on a deep and powerful level, and ask artful questions to give you access to a new perspective or set of options to move forward with.

How does UnSTUCK program  work

The program begins with a workbook of exercises which help you dig-deep and start identify key areas for change, your dream job and creating a “blueprint” for you to build on. All this helps to develop your confidence and gaining clarity on where you are going.
The exercises are followed-by a 1x hour coaching call to discuss the outcomes of the exercises and to create a 5-stage action plan to begin the process of moving forward
Finally a review of your current CV or Linked-in profile to help get your ready for the market

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