ReIGNITE your career

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Are you a professional in your 40’s or 50’s and ready for a career change? "Stuck" and not sure how to make it happen?

Frustrated you’ve not been able to make this change ?
Feel you are running out of time to make a move,

and that you’ve left it too late?

Are you concerned about the risks of career change?

Managing the financial changes ?

Or fearful of making a change and finding its not the right move? 

Would you like to have a proven career change process with support, motivation and guidance to help you make the move?


Would you like to clear the brain-fog about "what next" and move forward with confidence?

And crucially, would you like your career change dream to

become a reality in 2022?

The process I use is based around a career change map that will help you plan, and move through the process of career change, stage-by-stage.

The career change program is available as a 1-2-1 program

and you can start throughout the year.  

How does it work ? 

6-session program with 6 x 60-minute coaching sessions via Zoom.

Weekly check-in calls, weekly work books with email support.

You can either sign-up for the full 6 sessions or 2 blocks of 3. 

How much does it cost? 

The program costs £499

Payment plan is available if you want to spread the costs

The program covers 6 core stages; 

Stage 1 #Explore 

Working together we will delve deep into what motivates you, your key skills, the milestones that have shaped you, values and beliefs that might be holding you back and what are the most important factors in your new career .. and why.


Stage 2 #Discovery   

We apply all your findings from the Explore phase and build an “Ideas bank” of potential new areas for you.

We’ll broaden your thinking and discover new areas of interest and potential careers. 


Stage 3 #Focusing

Based on the career themes developed in Stage 2 we will start to dig-deep into 2 or 3 key career options. We will work together to examine these potential areas of interests.


Stage 4 #Testing

Using low-risk methods we will start to try "shift projects" that test some of your career options and build your practical experience in your areas of interest


Stage 5 #Mapping

Developing an action plan for your career change; setting times frames and goals to ensure a smooth transition 


Stage 6 #Transition

Practical career change support and guidance as you start to move and how you keep you "future proof" your career moving forward 


Stage 7 #Beyond 

I offer an additional 60 minutes of coaching to be used by you "ad-hoc"; whenever you feel you need a "top-up" or a quick re-focus. 

Book a FREE call to discuss how career coaching can help you.