5 quick activities that will kick-start your career change in the last quarter of the year

Are you one of those people that began with a New Year’s resolution to change your job or career? With September and the last quarter of the year looming this is the time to get serious about achieving your goal to move jobs.

September to early December is one of the peak times in the job market to make a move. Many vacancies have been on hold over the summer holiday period and often people returning from their holidays decide to change jobs; as a result, the flow of jobs through this period really peak.

This is the perfect time to dust off your cv and make that move before the Christmas holidays arrive; but where to begin? As an experienced career coach and recruiter these are my top 5 activities that will ensure you get your job search underway as effectively as possible.

  1. Get clear on the why and what ... The clearer you can be on these elements the more targeted you will be when you start your job search

  • What isn't this current role / employer doing for you?

  • What does a new role or new employer need to be able to offer you?

  • What is negotiable and what isn't.

  • What does your perfect day or working week look like?

  • Where will you be working and with whom?

2. Time to dust off the CV; now you have an idea of the type of role and work you are looking for you will need to update your cv. Make it clear, concise, easy to read and ensure the content is reflective of the type of role/ employer you have defined in section 1. If you want to focus on 2 or 3 different roles then you may need a couple of different versions that match the role you are looking for.

3. Get networking online and offline; develop your Linked-in profile again to match the role you are looking for. A well-developed Linked-in profile is perfect for attracting recruiters/ head-hunters and make it easy to contact you by including contact details or an email address. Start to build your network of contacts, current and previous colleagues and joining groups relating to your target area of interest. Let people know you are looking for a new role and get networking.

4. Do you need some more experience or skills to make this move? Consider a part time or online course to enhance your skills or gain valuable experience with a voluntary organisation / charity in an area you want to develop. These are both a great addition to your CV and demonstrate to employers your commitment to change.

5. Now take action! Start scouring job boards and request a daily or weekly update on new vacancies that fit your requirements. Job search is like finding a partner you need to get out there and start “dating” .. you need to do it regularly to keep your skills fresh and you sometimes need to kiss a few frogs ! Apply to jobs that are advertised, contact the HR / Recruitment managers of target employers with a speculative application and keep talking to people about the fact that you are searching for a new role. If something isn’t quite 100% on paper, but has potential, get talking to the employer / recruiter you never know it just might be the job you dreamed of or never realised existed. Happy hunting!!

Helen Garland has over 20 years experience as a Executive Recruiter and Career Coach in the UK, Australia and the GCC. Book an initial 20 minute free consultation with Helen to see how we can best help you start your career change.

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