Free Resources 

2020 is turning out to be a challenging year for everyone, and if you are a career changer or a job seeker then Covid 19 Virus has certainly thrown us all a curveball ! 

I've created some free resources to help you with your career change and

job search strategies. 


  Job Seekers  

If you are a job seeker then be reassured, the job market will come back to life at some point .. yes it may well look different and I'm sure there are going to be challenges that we aren't aware of yet. In the meantime make use of this space to get ready, brush-up your CV or Resume 

and develop your LinkedIn profile. 


I've created two videos to help you with this challenge;

Develop your CV

Develop your LinkedIn profile 

if you need any help I'm happy to give a free review of your

CV or LinkedIn profile .

Email me here with your CV or LinkedIn link.


Or if you need professional help with your job search Ioffer a

job search strategy package that includes a 

CV and LinkedIn writing service. 

  Career Changers  

Sometimes a break away from the normal routine can be just the catalyst

you need to give you the courage to make a change and to give you the headspace needed to figure it out !

Download my free work-book of exercises

to help you decide where you want to go next. 

Need help?

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to discuss how coaching could help you change career.

Keen to get started on your career change journey?

I offer a comprehensive career change program that is

flexible to it around your needs and timeframes.